Below is a small sampling of stories written about Golden West/World Savings through its 40-year history:

“Pay Consultant’s Ideal” June 14, 2006: Bloomberg article by Graef Crystal

“Virtue Well Rewarded” May 15, 2006: CQ Weekly article by John Cranford

“Golden West strikes gold with principles” May 8, 2006: Seattle Post-Intelligencer article by Michael Liedtke

“Stick to Your Knitting” March 1, 2004: Forbes article by Seth Lubove

“2004 CEOs of the Year” 2004: Morningstar by Dorsey

“Duos Success Built on Old-School Approach” March 3, 2003: LA Times by Hiltzik

“Hubby, Wife are Golden Duo” March 4, 2002: Fortune article by Patricia Sellers

“Golden West Financial, Gold Award Winner for Four Straight Years” June 15, 1992: The Wall Street Transcript

“World Savings Turns in Strong Performance” April 28, 1992: Los Angeles Times article

“Inside the Nation’s Best-Run S&L” September 9, 1990: NYTimes article by Richard W. Stevenson

“If Only All the S&Ls Had Been Managed Like Golden West” June 29, 1990: The Wall Street Journal article by Charles McCoy

“World’s Sandlers Take Industry’s Top Honors for Tradition of Excellence and Integrity” June 25, 1990: The Wall Street Transcript

“Good Times at Golden West” April 21, 1990: Journal Tribune Weekend by Burkhardt and Johnson

“One thrift firm that thrives: Golden West Financial” April 17, 1990: San Francisco Examiner article by Susan Burkhardt

“Golden West: No Mess for a No-Frills Thrift” April 9, 1990: Investor’s Daily article by Karen Padley

“World Savings’ Safe Style” April 17, 1989: Business Times article by Michael Liedtke

“Trim S&L Prospers Even in Lean Times” June 24, 1985: SF Chronicle by Schares

An S&L with the Midas Touch” May 19, 1980: Business Week

“Romancing the savings and loan” March 19, 1989: San Francisco Examiner article by Susan Burkhardt

“GDW” July 4, 1988: Wall Street Transcript

“Golden West Voted Best-Run” December, 1987: Thrift Nelsons Research Monthly

“Golden West’s Secret of Success Pays Off” March 31, 1986: San Francisco Chronicle article by Lorna Doubet